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Black Tupelo is a boutique marketing consulting company offering creative, strategy, branding, and PR. We are especially moved by the heart & soul of the people, products, and the landscape of special places.

Behind the name:

The rare Tupelo honey, referred to as liquid gold in the southeast, in its purest form is harvested from Tupelo trees in a very limited area of the Gulf coast region of Florida during a very short window of time. Unlike other honeys, Tupelo honey will never cloud or crystallize.

Black – luxury, exclusivity, sophistication

Tupelo– finest of its kind, lasting, high quality, timeless

I understand the importance of image and long term branding and am very deliberate with recommendations and decisions.

I’ve led a 15+ year-long career specialized in marketing high quality real estate; mainly plantations and land. The key is to harvest the hard-to-measure intrinsic value of these special places; a skill that can be applied to many other niche markets.

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